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Planning Your Holiday to New Zealand


New Zealand is a breathtakingly beautiful country. Its varied landscape consists of sharp mountain peaks, lush plateaus and serene coastlines that appeal to millions of visitors who come to the country every year. The culture and fun in places like Auckland and Wellington, the capital city are also not to be missed. If you are planning a holiday to New Zealand, here are a few essential tips to ensure that it is a smooth success. 

1. Plan well ahead of time

New Zealand is a relatively small country, measuring 268,000 square kilometres, but it is packed with enough adventures to keep your itinerary packed. There is so much to see that if you do not plan properly ahead of time, you are going to miss the best of the country.

Start planning more than a month before you depart. If the whole family is going, you need even more time to do the planning. Decide when you want to go, where in the country you want to go and most importantly, what sort of budget the trip will require. If you can get a travel agent to assist you, all the better. 

2. Learn about transportation

How are you planning to move around? Transportation is a very crucial part of your holiday. Poor preparation can create many frustrations as you try to get to various locations. Traditionally, New Zealand is heavily car-dependent. Their public transportation system is not as extensively developed as in other European countries and it mostly focuses on road transport.

You are better off renting a car for the duration of your holiday. There are numerous companies offering rentals at great prices. If you are starting your journey in Auckland and you need a rental car or a van rental, you can be sure your holiday can get off to a great start when you choose a Auckland rental car company.

3. Choose the best time

Since you cannot control the weather, you might as well follow its bidding. This means being careful about the weather of New Zealand at the time of your travelling. New Zealand does not have extreme weather variations but the weather can change without warning. So when you are packing up, be prepared for both warm sunshine and cold temperatures regardless of the season.

The best time to travel there will depend on what activities you want to do and your personal tastes. Summer (December to February) brings long sunny and hot days. It is ideal for hiking, swimming, sunbathing and surfing.

Autumn (March to May) bring cooler but still bearable temperature. You can still enjoy many outdoor activities such as water sports. An added advantage of visiting during this season is the explosion of beauty as leaves change colour and the decrease in vistor numbers.

Winter (June to August) is the coldest season. It also comes with increased rainfall. This is the time to enjoy skiing. You can also pay a visit to the beautiful glaciers and mountains dotting the country’s landscape.

Spring (September to November) comes with a mix of hot and cold temperatures. The snow starts melting at this time, raising river levels. This is the time for some rafting or serene picnics near rushing rivers.

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